Blarney’s Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

It’s been an exciting year for us at Blarney Woollen Mills. We started our brand new blog, Explore Blarney, for which our team created many articles covering our favorite aspects of Irish culture and history. 
Here’s a look at the content you clicked on most over the course of 2017.

Traditional Irish Halloween Barmbrack Recipe

Traditional Irish Halloween Barmbrack Recipe
Celebrate Halloween in Classic Irish Style with our Traditional Barmbrack Recipe!

Our barmbrack recipe shows you how to make spooktacular sweet treat for Halloween. Traditionally baked for that most Irish of festivals, Halloween, barmbrack offers a frighteningly tasty take on the classic Irish tea brack.

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Apple Crumble: The Ultimate Irish Comfort Food

Traditional Irish Apple Crumble
Easy to bake and even easier to devour, Apple Crumble is a true Irish staple. This recipe is perfect for even the most pastry-challenged!

Much like Jane Austen, we at Blarney agree that “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.” With that in mind, we shared our recipe for a traditional Irish apple crumble. Enjoy!

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10 Things You Never Knew About St. Patrick’s Day


10 Things You Never Knew About St. Patrick’s Day
On March 17— millions across the world will don their finest greenery & celebrate the Irish with parades, good cheer and maybe even a pint.

Did you know that over 10 million pints of Guinness are sold across the world on St. Patrick’s day? Find more St Patricks Day facts like this to wow your friends next March 17th.

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The Tara Brooch: A True Irish Treasure

The Tara Brooch: A True Irish Treasure
The Tara Brooch was discovered in 1850. Since then it has become a world-renowned icon of ancient Irish design.

The Tara Brooch is recognized around the world as a symbol of Irish identity and culture. Explore the fascinating history of this most treasured artifact in our second-most popular blog of 2017.

  Delve into the History of Ireland’s Tara Brooch


The Trinity Knot; It’s History & Meanings

The Trinity Knot; It’s History & Meanings
Did you know that the Trinity Knot is also called the Triquetra, meaning Triangle in Latin?

In our most popular article of the year, Phoebe walks us through the mysterious origins of the Celtic Trinity Knot. She also looks into this curious symbol’s mark on modern Ireland.

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