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Ría Organics

As the world changes and shifts around us, we are becoming increasingly aware of how we interact with the environment, including the ingredients in products that we use in everyday life. One person who saw these changes first-hand was Nicola Shevlin, one of the founders of the fantastic Irish skincare brand, Ria Organics.

Working as a nurse in A&E, Nicola saw countless patients coming to her with severe reactions to skincare – from swollen eyes to rashes, Nicola saw it all! People became much more conscious and curious about the contents and ingredients of everyday skincare products that they were using. It was interactions like this, plus the growing organics industry in the United Kingdom, that made Nicola want to get ahead of the game in Ireland and venture into the world of organic cosmetics.

What initially began as a hobby, developed into something more when Nicola’s two brothers, Andrew and Richard, suggested she get these new organic skincare products on the shelves. The family spent countless hours perfecting formulas, blending, researching, testing and sampling to create the best organic skincare line they could. Throughout this process, the family realized that they wanted to aim to receive the highest internationally recognised organic certification, which is the COSMOS standard. To do this, they had to reformulate the entire line which took over one year. It was all worth it however, as now the skincare line carries only truly pure and natural ingredients – ‘from farm to face’ as Nicola describes them!

Ria Organics is committed to supporting the skin structure and nourishing it – no matter what age you are or what skin type you might have. Some of their key natural ingredients found in the products include: antioxidant vitamins to help protect your skin against the environment, hyaluronic acid to both nourish and plump the skin, and rosehip oil which is beautifully rejuvenating and soaks into your skin without leaving any residue or shine. These ingredients, plus additional vegan and organic components combine and work together fantastically in both the Energizing Day Cream, the Replenishing Night Cream, and of course in the famous Restorative Eye Cream!

Look after your skin with Ria Organics and ensure that you aren’t using harsh or toxic chemicals. Keeping well is vital in an ever-changing environment, and with an increasing mindfulness of a green lifestyle for many people, Nicola notes that ‘inside and out, wellness is here to stay!’ – we couldn’t agree more!

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