Traditional Irish Stew: A Truly, Hearty Irish Meal


With the weather in Ireland always being a bit unpredictable, a traditional Irish Stew recipe is a must-have for any cold, rainy nights that come along! This recipe is easy to follow and easy to prepare, making it a perfect dish to share with family and friends.


  • 5lbs of lamb (or beef)
  • 3 large onions
  • 4 large carrots
  • 6-8 large potatoes
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • 1 leek
  • Beef/lamb stock

Don’t forget – you can also add different vegetables and herbs of your choice. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients for your tasty Irish stew!


  • Remove the meat from the lamb/beef bones, chop into 3-5 cm pieces and set aside.
  • Finely chop your onions and cut your carrots and leek into rough chunks. Peel and chop your potatoes.
  • In a large frying pan heat half the oil to hot, add the lamb/beef pieces and brown all over by turning.
  • Take a large pot and add your meat, onions, carrots and leek! Cover with 4 cups of water, bring to the boil and then let the stew gently simmer for 2 hours.
  • Skim with a large tablespoon if necessary and as the water reduces, gently top up with your beef/lamb stock for extra flavor.
  • Add your potatoes to the pot and continue to cook for the last 20-25 minutes until the potatoes soften.
  • You can continue to let the stew simmer to reduce it further, and season with salt and pepper as it cooks.
  • Serve hot with tasty sourdough bread to soak up the delicious stew!

Have you tried this recipe, or do you have your own Irish Stew method you use? Let us know through our social media channels.

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