The Delightful and Iconic Shamrock – Not Just for St Patrick’s Day…


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“The shamrock, with its abundant symbolism and delicate, emblematic leaves, provides plentiful design inspiration for craftspeople and jewellery designers”.

By Karen Cafferkey

On March 17th, cities, towns and villages across Ireland were brimming with flags, bunting and ‘carnival style’ St Patrick’s Day floats featuring the iconic shamrock motif.
In fact, not just in Ireland, but throughout Europe, the US and further afield, the shamrock enjoys a dazzling moment of glory every March.
Year-in, year-out, in a warm embrace of all things ‘Irish’, shamrock sprigs are pinned to coats and blazers and freshly-sprung shamrock plants are placed on coffee tables and kitchen tables; in many family homes where an Irish heritage is celebrated, shamrock-emblazoned fine china is dusted off and spends a week or fortnight either side of 17th March, taking pride of place of the kitchen dresser, or is proudly brought out when visitors call around for afternoon tea.

You get the idea… if it’s March and there’s a hint of Irish heritage in your family background, then you’re quite likely to be surrounded by a sea of gloriously green shamrock motifs.

However, while we most frequently associate the shamrock with St Patrick’s Day, here at Blarney Woollen Mills, we’re beginning to observe a growing demand for jewellery and accessories that feature the iconic shamrock motif; the shamrock, with its abundant symbolism and delicate, emblematic leaves, provides plentiful design inspiration for craftspeople and jewellery designers.

In fact, the splendid charm and allure of what is often considered the quintessential symbol of Ireland has inspirited many of the most popular jewellery collections available on

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Most of Ireland’s top jewellery design houses now feature outstanding pieces that boast the much-loved shamrock insignia. Barry Doyle, Garrett Mallon, House of Lor, Shanore and Solvar are among the individual designers and jewellery design houses that have embraced the shamrock motif along with its attached symbolism.

And, far from being a twee or clichéd statement of Irish identity, these designers and design houses have created their very own contemporary interpretation of the shamrock jewellery offering.

Acclaimed jewellery designer, Barry Doyle, who operates from his loft studio in Dublin city centre, is among the wave of contemporary designers who has incorporated the shamrock emblem in to his most recent collection – Doyle’s ‘Shamrock Heart Pendant’ includes two traditional silver shamrocks ringed by a delicate and very much on-trend 22ct gold vermeil heart.

Another internationally-recognised Irish designer-goldsmith, Garrett Mallon, has also included the shamrock motif in his new limited edition collection; ‘The Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Vermeil Treasured Shamrock Pendant’ is an exquisite ‘stand-out’ piece. Designed and created at his custom-built studio in the picturesque town of Carlingford in Co. Louth, this pretty three-dimensional shamrock pendant has a particularly contemporary and characterful feel (possibly owing to its exquisite textured vermeil finish).

Elsewhere, House of Lor has recently launched a dazzling collection that marries the shamrock emblem with cubic zirconia; fashionable drop pendants and drop earring designs feature shamrock motifs, as does House of Lor’s chic and decidedly on-trend ‘disc charm’ design.

Equally sensational pieces from the Shanore collection feature shamrocks set amongst clusters of Swarovski crystals. Could there be a more on-trend depiction of the shamrock motif?

Presented in a brand new super-chic rendering, the shamrock becomes not only a charming symbol of Irish heritage and spirituality, but also a signifier of style and elegance. Without doubt, the shamrock is an iconic emblem of ‘Irish-ness’; now, however, the shamrock appears to equally carry weight as a superbly alluring and elegant style statement.

Apart from its rich cultural significance, it’s clear that the humble shamrock is steadily becoming a veritable badge of magnificent style – not just St Patrick’s apt and elegant metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity, but also a timeless symbol of a refined and graceful sense of style.

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