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Have you ever wondered what our Aran sweaters are made of? At Blarney Woollen Mills we pride ourselves on good quality products, and that is why we use fine Merino wool in our sweaters.

Fiona One-button Aran Cardigan / Lily Aran Wool Sweate

[Pictures: Fiona One-button Aran Cardigan / Lily Aran Wool Sweater]

The Merino is the world’s most ancient breed of sheep with wool built for extreme weather conditions. While the wool is soft and light in weight, it is also breathable in the summer months and insulating in the winter months. These unique qualities of the wool regulate your body temperature, so it is the perfect material to make our Aran sweaters.

Merino wool is a very stylish material to wear. It is loved by designers worldwide for a few reasons. The material naturally follows the form and curve of the body as it has an excellent handle and drape. The unique qualities of the wool means that it can be dyed easily, so designers can play with colour and experiment with their creativity. Plus, it has a natural resistance to wrinkles (unlike us humans!)

amie Crew Neck Sweater - Navy and Natural

[Pictures: Jamie Crew Neck Sweater – Navy and Natural]

Did you know that Merino wool was natural, biodegradable and renewable? The sheep that grow the wool consume water, air, sunshine and grass making it a very natural material to wear. When Merino wool is disposed of it naturally decomposes in soil, slowly releasing quality nutrients back in to the earth. The wool is also a renewable fibre source as every year Merino sheep naturally grow a new fleece. You could even say that its fashion Mother Nature would wear.

Kids' Aran Gilet / Kids' Aran Crew Neck Sweater

[Pictures: Kids’ Aran Gilet / Kids’ Aran Crew Neck Sweater]

At Blarney Woollen Mills we have a range of Aran sweaters made from 100% Merino wool for men, women and children. They come with different types of Aran stitches including the Honeycomb stitch, the Moss stitch and the Diamond stitch. Our sweaters also come in a range of different colours and styles such as the crewneck, polo neck, cardigan and zipped hoodie.

We advise that you dry-clean your Merino wool sweaters to keep them at their very best.

The Blarney Woollen Mills Team

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