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This one is for the history lovers. Whether you are a professional or an amateur historian, someone who loves to read, learn and immerse themselves in history and culture this blog is for you.
Blarney Woollen Mills has selected the 5 best historic places in Cork for you to visit.

But first, a little history about Cork…

Cork is the 2nd largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded by St. Finbar in the 6th century and began as a monastic settlement. When you are visiting Cork you will see a lot of references to St. Finbar. The city itself was founded in the early 900’s by Vikings who established a trading community. Throughout the centuries the city has been rebuilt again and again after being affected by numerous fires. At one point the city was fully walled, and evidence of this can still be seen today.


Cork’s Historical Sites: Our Top Picks

UCC. Image Source:
UCC. Image Source:

University College Cork

The University was first called Queen’s College Cork when it was established in 1845. However, there was a name change in 1908 and it has since been known as University College Cork, or UCC. This dramatic and picturesque University offers cultural and historical walking tours around the campus. This includes a visit to the Aula Maxima, the Ogam Stones Corridor, the Main Quadrangle and the refurbished Crawford Observatory. For more, please click here.

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Nano Nagle Place. Image Source:

Nano Nagle Place

Nano Nagle Place is a newly rebuilt heritage centre, gardens and community education hub. It was named after Honoria Nagle, a Catholic woman who devoted her life to helping the poor and teaching children across Cork city in the 1700’s. Nano Nagle Place is an oasis nestled in the heart of city centre that celebrates the history of Nagle’s work and shows the work of the Presentation Sisters to this date. For more, please click here.

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The English Market. Image Source:

English Market

A food market in the centre of Cork city, the English Market is world famous. With stunning 19th century architecture, and an abundance of various foods it is a popular place for both tourists and indeed locals. For more, please click here.

Blarney Castle. Image Source:
Blarney Castle. Image Source:

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is a medieval castle, situated in the heart of Blarney village since the early 1400’s. It boasts the well-known Blarney stone, which you kiss to get the gift of the gab. It also features stunning gardens that you can walk around and enjoy. For more, please click here. While you’re in Blarney, why not pop in to us at Blarney Woollen Mills to go shopping, grab something to eat, or have a drink. We would love to see you.

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral. Image Source:
Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral. Image Source:

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

This gothic revival cathedral is located in Cork city centre, completed in 1879. It is named after St. Finbarr, patron saint of the city as mentioned earlier. With its exquisite design and immense atmosphere it is a must-see when in Cork. For more, please click here.

We hope you have a lovely stay in Cork.
The Blarney Woollen Mills team
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