Can you Dry Clean an Aran Sweater?

Can you Dry Clean an Aran Sweater?

If you take care of an Aran sweater it will last years. We have customers who have had the same sweater for fifteen years or more.

However, with so many ways to wash Aran sweaters which method should you choose?

Caring for your Aran Sweater
Caring for your Aran Sweater

We recommend reading the care label. What fibre the sweater is made of dictates the limits of what you can do. For example, cashmere and cashmere blends work well with washing machines.

These days, many wool products can be washed in a domestic washing machine on a delicate cycle, depending on your washer. Frequently manufacturers blend wool with other fibres to make them washing machine friendly.

Hand washing works well. We recommend you test a hidden spot to make sure the dye doesn’t bleed out though.

Dry cleaning is a gentle way to wash sweaters. We love it.


Tips for Dry Cleaning Aran Sweaters

Dry cleaning can be expensive but certain manufacturers recommend dry cleaning only. Furthermore, you should only need to dry clean a sweater two or three times a year. For our Blarney Aran Original range of Aran sweaters we recommend dry cleaning only. The reason, well, we find dry cleaning extends the life of the sweater. We use Merino wool which is great to work with and wear but is prone to shrinkage and bleeding dye if washed incorrectly. If you don’t want to dry clean, washing by hand is preferable to machine washing because the tumble in the washer tends cause the wool fibers to lock together.


Tips for Hand-Washing Aran Sweaters

Use tepid water, and never expose the sweater to direct heat as it promotes shrinkage.

Never wring or stretch wool when wet. While wool is elastic, it can be pulled out of shape permanently while being washed.

Dry Aran sweaters flat to keep them from elongating.

To neutralize odor, add a cup of white vinegar.

When the sweater is dry, gently steam it on a hanger to remove wrinkles


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