Laurel Basket: A Masterpiece of Irish Craft


Masterpiece Laurel Basket by Belleek Pottery


One of our newest additions to Blarney Woollen Mills is the Masterpiece Laurel Basket. This piece is a beautiful, delicately handmade basket, handcrafted by the skilled designers at Belleek Pottery in Ireland. As the Laurel Basket is part of the 2019 Masterpiece Collection, it also comes with a unique stamp making it an extra special piece to add to your home as a beautiful collectible item.


The laurel wreath is known as a great symbol of victory and honor. It is believed that the wreath dates to ancient Greece & Rome, where members of the society would hand-make ring-shaped wreaths using bay leaves, small fruits & flowers. The wreath symbolizes the crown, whether it be for victory and triumph or as the prize for an ancient Greek Olympian.

This Masterpiece Laurel Basket reflects a more modern shape for the Laurel wreath compared to the ancient horseshoe shape we would have seen in ancient Roman times. Bay leaves are used as the base of the design, with small and beautiful Valentine flowers inspired from the Mountain Laurel found in California, also handcrafted into the piece. Each flower is delicately and carefully hand-painted with tiny pink dots on a white ground, and the buds are painted using mother of pearl. The basket is beautifully painted by Rachel Love at Belleek.


Image source: Belleek Pottery

Masterpiece Collection

A truly unique piece, it is part of the Belleek Masterpiece Collection. The Masterpiece collection is a celebration of the skilled craft behind creating Belleek and the wonderful legacy of great and varied design styles since the company was founded in 1857. There is a beautiful combination of old designs alongside new creations inspired by the rich culture and history of Ireland.


Masterpiece Laurel Basket, US$495.00


We are delighted to bring this remarkable piece online and in-store at Blarney Woollen Mills to share the beautiful craftsmanship of Belleek Pottery, and the skill behind the creation of fine china pieces such as this.


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