Celebrating Ireland’s Canadian Connection!

Blarney Woollen Mills is joining our friends in Canada to celebrate their national day on July 1st. We discuss why Ireland is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Canadian holiday.
The Famous Canadian Maple Leaf Flag.
The Famous Canadian Maple Leaf Flag. Image source: news1130

Canada Day, or Fête du Canada, is the national day of Canada celebrating the enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867 that united Canada, New Brunswick and Novia Scotia. Celebrations are held in Canada and all over the world on July 1st to mark the occasion. However, this year is a big one as it commemorates the 150th anniversary of the three colonies coming together.

In Ireland, we look forward to having Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau next week. Canada and Ireland have a friendly relationship, built on the history of both being a part of the British Empire and through the past of Irish migration to Canada. The Irish have been present in Canada since the 17th century, and there are now millions of Canadians who have Irish ancestors.

Jim Flaherty, former finance minister for Canada, has been dubbed one of the great Irish-Canadians. Flaherty sadly passed away in 2014, but he left behind him a legacy in his Irish pride. He was brought up by an Irish family, and referred to his visits to Ireland as his homecoming. He was known for his charm, charisma and green ties. Even his dog was called Guinness!

Explore the Canadian Landscape in 2017
An example of the luscious Canadian Landscape. Image Source: Ottawa Life Magazine

Ireland celebrates Canada day for many reasons. First for Canada’s stunning landscape, it is like nowhere else in the world with its breathtaking views. With its similarities to hurling in Ireland we enjoy ice hockey, or hockey as it is known in Canada. We remember the late Leonard Cohen, a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, novelist and painter. We love the food from Canada, specifically peanut butter and maple syrup – yum! Ireland has a love for the sport of horse racing, and we remember Northern Dancer, one of the most successful stallions yet. We enjoy the music of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, with his unforgettable characteristics and mannerisms.

Image result for original winnie the pooh
Image Source: Wikipedia

Canada can be thanked for the much loved childhood book of Winnie the Pooh. The book was inspired by the author’s son’s love for a black bear Winnie that came from Canada to Britain in the early 1900’s.

Here’s to you Canada, we’ll be raising a glass to you on July 1st.
The Blarney Woollen Mills team
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