Cruising into Cork; The Perfect Cruise Ship Stop


If you’re anything like us than you love a good cruise! What can be better than seeing the world from on board a cruise ship, and getting to experience all those lovely and diverse countries in one holiday? Waking up in a different country every day and making new memories is an experience that is not to be missed. Tasting different foods, seeing fascinating architecture and immersing yourself in new cultures are but three of the many different experiences to be had from a cruise holiday. It just so happens, that we are in the heart of one of the most beloved stops of a cruise, Cork.

Grand Parade, Cork City
Grand Parade, Cork City. Image via

Cruise liners often dock in Cobh, in the Cork Harbour. Cobh holds Ireland’s only dedicated cruise berth and we can see why, as Cobh is a town loved by many who visit it for its quaint characteristics and laid-back charm. Once docked, passengers on board the ship are greeted by friendly representatives who provide tourist information to all so that you can get the best experience possible. When passengers disembark the cruise ship in Cobh they see alongside them the Cobh Heritage Centre with its intriguing stories and illustrative displays of the Titanic, and Ireland’s history.

Cobh Heritage Centre
Cobh Heritage Centre. Image via Cobh Heritage Centre.

Everyday at Blarney Woollen Mills we welcome cruise ship passengers to our store. Passengers arrive on bus tours such as the Paddy Wagon Tours. This tour brings holiday makers to the beautiful village of Blarney, where they can shop ‘til they drop and explore the wonders of Blarney Castle and gardens. Then it takes them on a panoramic drive through Cork city, where they see all the best spots such as St.Finbarr’s Cathedral and the historic English Market.  After that they wind down the day in Kinsale, a small maritime town a short distance from the city, known for its stunning scenery and delicious food.  A tour like this is a great way of seeing the best of what Cork has to offer.

The English Market
The English Market. Image via

Upon their return to the ship in Cobh passengers are greeted with entertainment from traditional Irish dancers and a brass band, biding an emotional farewell.


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