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Children’s wear is often bought with practicality and durability in mind. We understand that both qualities are important but, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish right? The ideal Children’s clothing range would have all three of the above qualities, and this is where we come in. At a certain age Children start to choose what they want to wear so getting them something they are happy with can often be a challenge. Fear not as Blarney Woollen Mills are here to help. Our buyers have selected a top range of children’s clothes that are practical, durable but also stylish at the same time and they’re all available in a range of sizes to buy online.

Baby Handknit Aran Cardigan

Nowadays there’s an abundance of shops in both the towns and online selling Children’s clothes. From sweaters to shirts, shoes to pants it’s all covered. This is great for us as customers, because there is a wide variety of choice at competitive prices. However, there is a downfall. With so much choice how do you know which clothes to choose? How do you know who to buy from? At Blarney Woollen Mills our quality Children’s wear range has all you need under one roof.

Kids’ Aran Crew Neck

Aran sweaters aren’t just for Grandparents, they’re perfect for kids too. Our range of sweaters are made from fine Merino wool, which means that they are warm in the winter, perfect for those snow days off school. The qualities of the Merino wool adapts to the body’s temperature, so the sweaters can also be worn in warmer seasons. The quality of our Aran sweaters means that they will last a very long time, perfect for little kiddies that grow in to not so little kiddies. The sweaters can be passed down from generation to generation. We like to think of it as a gift that will keep on giving.

Handknit Baby Aran Hat – Mitts Set

Kids’ Aran Cardigan

We also have a range of accessories and t-shirts for the little ones to see them through the seasons.

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The Blarney Woollen Mills team.

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