The Book of Kells: A Treasure of the Western World

Once described as “the chief treasure of the western world,” the exquisite Book of Kells manuscript is one of Ireland’s greatest artistic contributions to the world. The lavishly decorated Book of Kells was created by highly skilled monks at the height of Ireland’s Golden Age. Easily Ireland’s most famous illuminated manuscript, this magnificent work highlighted…

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Hallowe’en in Ireland: 5 Creepy Celtic Customs

Did you know that Halloween comes from an Ancient Celtic Festival?  The Hibernian Heritage of Hallowe’en Hallowe’een (or Oíche Shamhna in Irish) comes from the Celtic festival of Samhain  (pronounced Sow-wan). This festival marked the division between the light and dark seasons that made up the Celtic calendar. These seasons were also thought to symbolize the boundary between the…

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