What Makes Wool a Superfabric?

Wool exhibits many surprising and incredible characteristics. Most synthetic fabrics of today emulate the rich and lustrous fibres of wool but you can’t beat the real thing. Here are the traits that make wool stand out as a true superfabric. Keeps Us Both Warm & Cool Wool holds heat extremely well. Wool keeps us warm…

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Let’s Talk Tartan!

Traditionally associated with our our Celtic cousins in Scotland, Tartan is the stand-out pattern of Autumn-Winter 2017.   The Tartan’s Highland Heritage Tartan is an ancient Celtic style of weaving which is said to have originated in Scotland sometime between the fifth and sixth century. Woven from wool, these vibrant patterns were fashioned from stripes of different colors…

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Triskele: The Celtic Symbol of Constant Motion

Triskele is derived from the Greek meaning “three-legged”. The Triskele, or Triskelion is a motif comprised of a triple spiral. The spiral design can resemble interlocking Archimediean spirals, or three bent human legs. The Sicily flag includes a Triskele symbol since 1285. The Triskele can also be found throughout the ancient megalithic tomb of Newgrange, built…

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