What Makes Wool a Superfabric?

Wool exhibits many surprising and incredible characteristics. Most synthetic fabrics of today emulate the rich and lustrous fibres of wool but you can’t beat the real thing. Here are the traits that make wool stand out as a true superfabric. Keeps Us Both Warm & Cool Wool holds heat extremely well. Wool keeps us warm…

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5 Fierce Irish Women You Should Know About

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, we selected five Irish women and looked at their impact on the world around them.  Anne Bonney Born Anne McCormac in Kinsale, Co. Cork around 1700; Anne Bonney was one half of one of the most legendary pirate duos in history. She pillaged and plundered her way through the…

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9 Ways To Say I Love You in Gaelic

Say it with love. Say it in Irish.  Melt hearts this Valentine’s Day with our favorite romantic Irish phrases. Take inspiration from our guide to impress and delight your sweetheart! MO GHRÁ THU Pronounced: Muh Graw Hu Meaning “You are My Love,” this phrase is the most direct Irish translation for “I love you.” via GIPHY  MO…

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