Happy Earth Month! Our Sustainability Promise


Happy Earth Month

Happy Earth Month! Each April, people all over the world take time to reflect on the health of our planet. At Blarney, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We’re not perfect just yet, but every day we are taking steps towards a cleaner, greener future. Here’s how we’re making a difference.

Our Wools

Being one of Ireland’s oldest mills, wool is in our DNA. Almost every item of clothing at Blarney is knit in wool, and it is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly fibers available. So, why wear our wool?

Natural & Renewable

Wool is a natural fiber. It has evolved to produce a fabric that has become one of the most effective natural forms of all-weather protection known to man. Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a renewable textile. Woolgrowers actively work to improve efficiency and care for natural resources, endeavoring to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.


When a natural merino wool fiber is disposed of, it takes only a few years to decompose and can be used to increase soil fertility for crop growing. Most synthetics on the other hand, are extremely slow to degrade.


Fisherman Out of Ireland, one of our core brands, is known for its use of mulesing-free Merino wool. Mulesing is a controversial procedure practiced around the world that involves needlessly cutting the sheep’s skin, causing the animal pain and distress. The mulesing- free wool used to make Fisherman pieces is ethically sourced from farms that prioritize the wellbeing of their animals, so you can be guaranteed that no sheep were harmed in the process.

Our Manufacturing

The materials for our products are sourced ethically, and we use eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Much of our knitwear is made in our very own factory, located in Co. Donegal, where skilled local employees are paid a fair wage for their impeccable work.

Our Packaging

We are in testing stages of phasing out the plastic packaging your Blarney orders are shipped in. We are working hard towards a solution that gets your goods to you safely while keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

In the meantime:

  • Our bubble wrap is 100% recycled
  • Our boxes are 100% recyclable

Little efforts can add up in a big way. At Blarney, we have set our standards high when it comes to delivering the highest quality Irish products. As our world becomes more conscious, we remain committed to doing so in the most ethical, eco-friendly way possible.

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