Faces of Blarney: Meet Siobhán

My name is Siobhán and I’m a sales assistant in the jewelry department here at Blarney Woollen Mills. 

How has the store changed over the years? 

In August I’ll be celebrating my 30th work anniversary here at Blarney. Over the years, the store has changed drastically (and all for the better in my opinion). It has expanded a lot which means that there is a far greater variety of stock on the shop floor. Customers often tell me how impressed they are with the size of the shop and the huge selection of goods.


If you wanted people to know one thing about Blarney Woollen Mills what would it be? 

Blarney Woollen Mills is the largest Irish shop in the world so it’s the perfect choice for people who want a great Irish shopping experience. It is in a beautiful and tranquil location as it is just around the corner from Blarney Castle.


People like pieces that look like classic Irish symbols. The Claddagh is the most popular item because of the lovely sentiment it carries. Customers also like other typical Irish symbols such as the shamrock and the harp.


Do you have any memorable customer interactions? 

Years and years ago I had the privilege of meeting Millvina Dean – the little baby that survived the Titanic.  She wrote me a lovely little note which I still have to this day.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Blarney Woollen Mills?

I love interacting with customers. The staff here are lovely and I really enjoy the banter that goes on at the counter. It is a great place to work in.


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